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I assume that you know how to use snippets, and therefore will not provide info on how to load them. All snippet files provided here are in *.txt format.

channel specific kick counter

//4 lines of code//
This snippet uses remarkable feature of recursion in mIRC scripting, alowing the alias to call itself after a set of commands. From now on, every chan you're on will have kick count for kicks you've made.

Usage : auto (just use yout kicks as before)

/hop attack protection

//30 lines of code//
Just some basic "/hop attack" (also know as the Revolving Door). It's a situation when someone join/part a channel a lot of times in a very short time. The result is flooding the chan with join/part event messages. Well, not any more :]

Usage : auto
(with option to enable/disable via Channel popup)

[Last X Lines] v2.0

//31 lines of code//
Snippet that simply repeats last X lines (the name is quite self explanatory, isn't it ?) of conversation in active window/to target.

Usage : /last <X> [target]
<X> represents number of lines that you want to repeat.

[target] (optional) if you enter target, then last X lines from active window will be sent to target. If not, they will be repeated to $active window.

[Ranged IP ScanKicker]
//60 lines of code//
Snippet that scans all users on $active channel for given value. Uses *wildcard*, and it can just scan, scan kick, or scan kickban.

Usage : channel popup > [Ranged IP ScanKicker] or
/scan <portion of address or IP> just scan
/scan +k <portion of address or IP> scan kick
/scan +kb <portion of address or IP> scan kickban

If no <portion of address or IP> is given, you get input dialog asking you for one.
UPDATE: did it now with just one major alias, instead of three almost identic ones :]

Clone Kicker

//33 lines of code//
Basic clone kicker. Simple to use, all via popup click. (btw, not all code mine.)

Usage : channel popup > Kick Clones

Capitalisation for mIRC

// 7 lines of code//
This one capitalizes the first letter of every line you say on IRC. Not much, but nice touch :]

Usage : auto

Basic Blacklist

// 186 lines of code//
Just a basic Blacklist. Included on join, and on nick change events. No wildcard support.

Usage : popups

Alias /alias check

// 14 lines of code//
When you use /alias command, if the alias with name given exists, it automaticaly gets replaced. When you use this code, the script checks is there an alias with given name, and if there is, you get asked do you want to replace an old alias with new one. Just to be sure... :]

Usage : auto

AntiVirus $script v1.03
// 130 lines of code//
This will prevent any message containing string "$decode" from showing. This way you can ensure yourself from that nasty "mIRC virus" that's been spreading through network recently.
*** Update to version 1.03 - Added scan for "DO YOU WANNA BE AN OP" virus, and option to enable/disable the protection.

Quick ASCII Table

// 51 lines of code//
This is just the simplest ASCII character table. I used it for quick help in scripting, when I needed the $chr() stuff. Just thought someone might find it usefull.

Usage : type /ascii

Timer Manager v1.103

// 101 lines of code//
Ever used mIRC's "/timers" command ?? Well, this code improves it.

Usage : type /timers

Unable to join channel (address is banned)

// 12 lines of code//
Ho ho ho... ever seen one of these ?? Well, if you are able to unban yourself from that chan, (meaning that you have access there) just paste this baby in your remotes...

Usage : auto

Kill AutoThanx on voice users

// 19 lines of code//
Don't you just hate them when you give 'em voice, and then you receive automsg.. this one kikcks their asses :D

Usage : auto

Mass modes via command line
// 41 lines of code//
This are the famous mass modes (+/- OhVb), except that this one does mass mode in single line (eg. * ch1zra sets mode: +vvvv nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4 nick5), so you can avoid mode flood...

Usage :

Simply type /modes +/- ovhb in $chan window. It will affect other users (not you) and you can do it only if you're OP on that $chan (makes sense, doesn't it :P).

Basic $chan prots

// 20 lines of code//
Included long lines, too many words and $chan advertising. I prevented kicking for saying just "#", by checking the length of the word that may be channel name. For someone to earn a kick, he must write a word starting with "#" and the word must have at least one more character after the "#" character.

Usage : auto

// 114 lines of code//
Well, The Simplest Away System just got promoted into [UltraAwaySystem]. Now it has some pretty cool options, so give it a shot ;]

Usage :

to go away - /away text that represents away reason
to get back - /away
to setup it - /setupaway or menubar popup

Going Offline
// 22 lines of code//
It says how long you've been online, closes all windows (chat, chann, dcc, custom) and closes mIRC.

Usage :

Just type /off in any window. If you type anu text after /off, it will displayed as reason for going offline. Reason text is optional, is you don't ype anything, it will only say how long have you been online.

mIRC Start Counter

// 15 lines of code//
It tracks how many times you started mIRC and when it was closed last time.

Usage : auto

Titlebar Animator
// 29 lines of code//
It animates titlebar text (D'OH!). You can remove On START part...
Usage :
/tbar text you want to be animated on your titlebar
If no text is entered after /tbar, script will scroll your active titlebar.

Progress bar
// 29 lines of code//
Nice progress bar. Quite useless if used alone, but it can be a nice addition to scripts.
Usage :
best suited to use with some processing. this is for developers.

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