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Look at me, taking on the world! :)

Although I'm not doing mIRC scripting anymore (I'm moving on PHP/MySQL), I've decided to keep my old presentation, and scripts/snippets.

Don't expect that this page will be updated frequently, or even better, don't expect that this page will be updated ever again. That way, if I ever do an update, you will yourself strangely pleased. Of course, there's a bit of downside to it all, 'cause if I said I won't update it ever again, why would you come to check if there is an update :P

Also for those who don't know (haven't heard, read on any previous versions of this page, or whatever), a few words about me.

I started to script somewhere in December 2002. It was pathetic attempt of scripting, though. It was pure overloading nicklist popup with various slaps. Thats when I learned the $$1 and $$?=" " identifiers. As the time passed by, I've kept learning, started downloading various scripts/addons/snippets and I have studied them for quite a while.

I'm currently using mIRC 6.21 (mine script, called Undeath, that never was, and never will be published), and I despise all versions that were released afterwards. My personal opinion is that mIRC is no longer underground, or tr00, or however you want to call it, so I'm staying with good old 6.21.

Also, like I said above, I'm not scripting anymore, but I can't thank enough to my friend Junkie from RUR, who "infected" me with scripting, and love toward good raw code :)

If you want to keep up with my progress, it can be done on www.ch1zra.com.
And of course, thank you for taking interest in my scripting work :)
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